50 Most Innovative Countries: Innovation Index Revealed – Bloomberg

When you think about the most innovative countries, the U.S. and South Korea often come to mind. But what about Iceland or Iran? How do they compare?

Bloomberg Rankings recently examined more than 200 countries and sovereign regions to determine their innovation quotient. The final universe was narrowed down to 96. What follows is the top 50.

Innovation was measured by seven factors, including R&D intensity, productivity, high-tech density, researcher concentration, manufacturing capability, education levels and patent activity.

Italy ranked 24th in Bloomberg’s Global Innovation Index. Here is how the country ranked in the determining factors:

R&D intensity: 28th

Productivity: 19th

High-tech density: 22nd

Researcher concentration: 34th

Manufacturing capability: 36th

Tertiary efficiency: 56th

Patent activity: 25th

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