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Technology Scouting Facilitates Innovation

Technology Scouting is the tool of choice to pick the right pieces.

Ideas are the beginning of any innovation process in any innovative company. The achievement of a new product entering the market marks the end of the whole innovation process. However, in general, before a satisfied client can admire this new product a series of obstacles needs to be smoothed out. A competent innovation management is a first key to the success of innovations. It stimulates the creation of spontaneous or strategic ideas, it decides for the ideas to be followed-up and it manages the resources present in the company or the ones possibly arriving from third parties. The well trained staff in the research & development and other departments of the particular company and potentially of partner organizations are of importance in the process. In particular because they form a valuable pool of knowledge.  Still, a significant barrier of innovation is given by the fact that some of the knowledge required for the  success of the innovation process still needs to be introduced into the company. The decision makers may be aware of this lack of competencies from the beginning of a new innovation project or a lack of knowledge may evolve during the course of a project when unexpected hurdles appear.

In all the varying steps of an innovation the application of a Technology Scouting may provide a valuable source of information contributing to the success of the innovation project.

Generally speaking the term Technology Scouting refers to a series of varying methods and activities. It ranges from the scope of foreseeing technological developments to the identification of players offering solutions to a particular problem. Technology Scouting activities provide a valuable tool to choose the right ideas to follow-up, it can provide the staff involved with the required background knowledge enabling to decide for the right technical solutions from the beginning, it can be used to identify solutions to particular problems and it can direct competencies to the company.

Nowadays, the advantages of technology scouting activities have been understood by a large number of industries. Hereby, some larger industries might even run their own technology scouting departments, others may rather rely on external groups. But, where exactly do they contribute? Prosegui la lettura »


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